When are events right for your business?

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Paid search not generating the results you need? Receiving un-qualified leads? Want to carve out a niche in the market–or perhaps a cannon? It might be time to consider an event marketing strategy. But not just any event; the right one. So, what’s the right event for you? 

The right event engages potential clients, nurtures relationships, generates leads, and grows brand awareness. Take the next step in developing your event marketing strategy by attending a trade show or hosting your own event to see the results for yourself! 

Unsure where to start? Consider this before planning your next event:

  1. Talk to existing clients. Where have your customers been? Where do they expect you to be? Checking in with existing clients can provide great insight into what events you should be at. Events can also be a great place to nurture existing relationships and remind customers why they chose you in the first place. Researching what events clients have attended also allows you to gauge which shows your competitors may be at. Once you have an understanding of where your target audience congregates and where your competitors are, start planning to attend your first trade show! 
  2. Reviews. Show us the numbers! What are past attendees saying? Don’t be shy in asking conferences for past-show data, if the show has been successful they shouldn’t be hesitant to share vendor successes. In some instances, reviews are posted directly to trade show sites. Reaching out to clients who have attended shows and asking for their insight can also provide information that may not be highlighted in reviews.
  3. Host a VIP Event. Solidify relationships made during the conference by inviting prospects to a VIP event. Our client, SingleComm, took VIPs to enjoy the Colorado Rockies game from a sky box last month at the ATSI trade show. Not only did we take clients out to the ball game, we were also able to have more relaxed conversations that were a home run. Our prospective customers heard first-hand from our existing clients about their experience with us which proved invaluable to our relationship building. Whether it is a baseball game or tour around the city, going the extra mile to engage potential clients can elevate your event results to the next level. 
  4. Pay attention to timing. Events scheduled around holidays or popular travel times can be difficult as many prospects drop off in their engagement as they leave for vacation. Losing follow-up contact when clients are on vacation will potentially negatively impact the results of your event. Summer months tend to have lower engagement due to travel plans, so keep dates in mind when planning your next event or trade show participation. 
  5. Prepare your booth. Think outside of the box (booth)! Creating an attention-grabbing display makes all the difference in attracting clients at your event. Another one of our clients, Mercato, captured attendees’ attention with their High Striker activity. Rather than handing out swag that quickly ends up in the dumpster, we were able to engage participants in an activity that scored with capturing their interest and raising money for charity. Our show engagement went through the roof along with a few of the High Striker hits.  Not only did the performance get attendees talking, but we were able to continue conversations long after the show. 

Making face-to-face quality connections goes a long way, especially in a post-pandemic world. There are many opportunities to go above and beyond to make clients feel special at events, so don’t shy away from VIP events to create a standout experience for attendees. 

Events can be the perfect fuel to launch your business to the next level. Engaging existing customers, meeting new faces, and knowing what events target your preferred audience can be tricky. With Rocket Fuel’s strategic expertise we can handle your next event from take off to landing, just send us a signal. What are you waiting for?


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